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M. Blanc: Thank you N of 1, Jennifer Cronk! You also are an N of 1, as you bravely forged ahead without a body of evidence to guide you! Kate Shapiro Flaxman paid tribute to you yesterday when she was quoted on the podcast, Talking with Tech, that adding favorite

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Good Morning, I am just starting to introduce AAC to a GLP client and I wondered if anyone would be kind enough to share how they have started off in terms of the layout on the AAC? Thank you so much.

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I have a client who is 7 and I have only been with him for about a month. He has previously had ABA and has made minimal progress in past speech according to his parents. He has LAMP but parents aren’t very familiar with it and it isn’t really used at home. He has some scripts probably 5-10 things he consistently says and he adds “I want” to everything. Overall, his spoken language is pretty limited. “I want turn it on” and “I want pick me up” are ones he uses a lot.   Our goal in starting has been to model mitigable flexible stage 1 gestalts to expand. I model both verbally and on LAMP. He has started to use more immediate echolalia and spontaneously use modeled gestalts during sensory activities which is great!   Today, he started adding “I want” to the gestalts I modeled. We were playing with a toy where you put gears on a board and can spin them. I fwas focusing on models “do it again” “help me” and “it’s spinning!!” He started saying on his own “I want do it again” and “I want help me” and “I want spin” I acknowledged his language and honored his requests. I personally have not modeled I want phrases and I don’t think his parents still do.   I’m wondering if anyone has experienced this and any tips. I know “I want” is taught language from ABA approaches. It’s interesting that he was in a way mitigating with it… do mitigations with taught gestalts count as stage 2?

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AAC Stage 1

Trying to stay true to our GLPs as we partner with them at Stage 1. Undaunted by not knowing which gestalt to make available for the next day, this client’s mom and SLP knew they wanted to give this Stage 1 communicator the gestalt-that-matched the experience — once they knew what that experience was! Not able to provide the right soundtrack on-the-fly (because they had to program the device the night before), they decided to put in three gestalts, one for each of the possible experiences! Listen to Nellie’s reasoning; can’t argue with that!!