International: Introduction


And welcome to the International Section of our website which showcases our International and Multilingual NLA movement! 
Here you will find the International NLA Handout in many different languages. And our Translation Team is working on others! Please email us if you have NLA expertise in one of the languages not yet represented!


This introductory video is a discussion among three members of the Team: Marge, and two multilingual SLPs: Paulina in Canada, and Isabel in Belgium. The discussion begins with our favorite quote from Isabel: “Language is language,” which summarizes what we are learning about gestalt language development among kids in multilingual families. Knowing multiple languages helps linguistic development in general — and exposure to two languages does not hinder language development in either language, whether you are an ALP or GLP.  But limiting exposure to the home language can damage connection among families. 
As Paulina wisely states: “We know that connection is so key…we have to do everything we can to maintain that…and help it grow…and languages help us do that.”