Isabel would like to share a a story about a little GLP student. At the time when he started school at 3 years old, no-one knew that he couldn’t generate his own language. It wasn’t obvious. Why? He had been diagnosed with a genetic disorder, but he was very fluent and intelligible, more than most 3 year olds. By the time Isabel found out about NLA and GLP, this little boy was the first child who came in her mind. Let us tell you why.


In Paulina’s first story, she describes a little one who used English and Hindi, and especially loved scripts from SpongeBob. She describes how he progressed from not being acknowledged at all, to Stage 3, and beginning Stage 4 after a year. Paulina was able to reassure his family that the incorrect grammar of Stage 4 is a mark of self-generated language.


Paulina describes her first assessment session with a four-year-old from a mono-lingual English-speaking family who was described as not talking. But Paulina had asked the right questions of his mom to make their first session successful. Paulina was able to connect with her new client by using his gestalt as he’d tried to match the intonation of a counting video in Spanish: ‘uno.dos.tres.cuatro.’ Their immediate connection got their therapeutic relationship off to a flying start!


This is a story about a girl with a special musical ear. She wasn’t an obvious GLP, as she didn’t talk or use her voice in any way until …. we recognized intonational patterns she was using when she was vocalizing. She was so happy we acknowledged the songs and the contexts she was sharing.  As she has difficulties in motor speech, she couldn’t share more than intonation. She works so hard and she’s grown so much. Listen to her story…


Kiran’s first story illustrates the flexibility of language that is acquired naturally, in this case language that we sometimes think we have to teach children. Learning about NLA only recently, Kiran learned not only the value of not interfering with a child’s natural process, but how a very new NLA practitioner can support other SLPs because she is learning from her clients! Starting in Mumbai, NLA has a chance to grow in India! Please take a look! English

Kiran tells a story about her new client who came to her because she had plateaued in her language development when she was treated as an analytic processor. When this four-year-old immediately echoed Kiran’s playful words to a baby doll, Kiran began asking parents questions to see if the little girl was a GLP. Parents were amazed that Kiran was asking the right questions, and wondered how Kiran already seemed to know her! Take a listen…


In Liz’s first story, she describes a young girl’s gestalt lan-guage development journey to learning both English and then French while figuring out the stages of Natural Lan-guage Acquisition mostly on her own and assistance only needed to help her pause at certain stages to free all her words for flexible use. She now uses English grammar at Stage 5 and French is at Stage 3.