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15 years! We specialize in physically-supportive services to children with autism diagnoses, and others who benefit from sensorimotor supports.

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It's not too late!

Join Marge and Bryn at the NSS Seminar, as they get into the nuts and bolts of using the NLA protocol to assess naturally-developing language: from gestalts to self-generated language!

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Only one more week left in our summer session! Please call if you do not know your child's time for the fall! Thank you for an amazing summer!

August 8 - summer session ends

September 2 - fall semester starts

Echolalia Communicates!

Let's look at the two sides of echolalia! It's functional for self-regulation — and functional for communication!

The article entitled, "Echolalia: Functional and Communicative" is on page 8, right here.

yup! we're speechies!

SLPs are known as "speechies" and speech therapists, but our little buddy came up with the best label when he protested going some place other than our clinic:

"No — I'm sorry — Word girl!"


If you're an SLP, you can check out Marge's on-line course on language development from echolalia to self-generated grammar — and take it for ASHA credit! Take a look HERE at Northern Speech Services.

In the fall, you can bring your own language sample to score at the course in Madison, WI on September 12 — in Northbrook, IL on October 3 — or Schaunberg, IL on November 14.

Check the NSS website for more information.

What's New on facebook?

As fluent talkers, we don't often think about all the levels of communication that are possible. We can be silly with our friends, be completely non-verbal with our spouses, and engage in dramatic antics with our toddlers, and no one thinks we are less intelligent.

But for folks whose oral communication is unreliable or sometimes lacking intelligibility, it seems like the world quickly misunderstands and doubts their intelligence — until they have a reliable means of verbal expression.

Emma, whose popular blog often appears on our facebook page, expresses her thoughts so exquisitely that hopefully her intelligence will never be doubted again. Under these conditions, she types, she is now free to communicate with silly faces and playing!

You can find this post on Emma's blog page here!

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NLA Forum

Many of you downloaded the form for scoring language samples with Natural Language Acquisition (NLA) protocol!

We hope you are finding success in identifying some "gestalts" (stage 1), "mitigations" (stage 2), and isolated words and combinations (stage 3) among your kids' language.

Please continue to send your questions to our email address:

Even if you've read the articles on echolalia, you may want to read about: dyspraxic speech support, language retrieval, and self-regulation.

Read more at our articles page.

ORDER the CDC book now!

NLA BookNatural Language Acquisition on the Autism Spectrum: The Journey from Echolalia to Self-Generated Language is ready to be sent your way!

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Here's what SLPs are saying:

"Marge's work will revolutionize your thinking about your child's language and help you understand the depth of meaning behind it!"
-- Megan Snow, M.S., CCC-SLP

"It has been a joy to share Natural Language Acquistion with parents, and witness their excitement the first time they participate in a meaningful and reciprocal conversation with their child with ASD. This book empowers parents and SLPs to fully appreciate and honor the language their children have, provides strategies and tools to facilitate further language development, and provides opportunities for families to experience mutually fulfilling and exciting communicative interactions."
-- Jessica Schmidt, M.S., CCC-SLP

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articles by Marge Blanc

Bringing It Home: Physical Supports for Speech at Home and in Other Environments

It's All Gibberish to Me: Redefining "Non-verbal"

More Than Words (Parts 1-6)

Click here for more articles by Marge Blanc


Even when friends are apart, they're still friends...

It's a time of comings and goings! All the best to everyone who's taking off for grad school and in Autumn's case, her new job!

The birthday boy, pictured below, told us about friendship (see the quote above) and his buddy, pictured in the next photo below, had to say goodbye to one old friend (Malia), but got to welcome another old friend (Kay) for a visit! His words were, "Hey Kay long time no see. Now be honest, it's a good place here."

P.S. More pictures below!








Welcome to CDC!

We are a small, non-profit clinic on the
west side of Madison, WI, specializing in communication services for children who benefit from play and physical activity to support their interactions and language: children with challenges associated with autism, dyspraxia, and sensorimotor coordination. Please browse our site to learn more about us!

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Kid Quotes

We're continuing to hear comments about how wonderful summer is -— and how it nurtures our kids! as one of our teens said this week:

T: I love my life!
A: did you say you love your life?!
T: life is good!

Our kids say the best things!
(C=Child, T=Teen, A=Adult)

and Overheard earlier this summer during an outing with one of our teens:

A: What's your favorite part about summer?
T: well you favorite part about summer is...not being in school.
A: yeah that's pretty nice...
T: and hanging out with you guys!

maybe it does last forever! later on this same teen exclaimed:
"I love my life!"

what do you do when the batter on the opposing team is making your job as pitcher too easy?

C: Why are you so scareD It's just a softball.
A: (cowers from another pitch)
C: You're too scared. It's not coming at you.
A: (cowers yet again, and the pitcher continued to encourage her)
C: see it's not coming at you! see, it's not coming!

The Wallet Conundrum:
A: We can't today because I don't have any money.
c1: I don't have any money either because i don't know where my wallet is!
c2: i don't have a wallet because i don't have any money!

A: what's your super hero's name?
C: strong man!
A: What should the villain's name be?

C: Wrong man!

Imaginations run wild:
A: I'm going to Door County this week.
C: Oh, a county of doors you mean?
A: Yeah there are doors everywhere.
C: That must be in your imagination.

ALL GROWN UP for a 12-year-old:
C:Hey Ellen, let me know if you get hungry. I can take you to Culver's. 

We'd love to include other favorite quotes from your kids, so when you have one, send it to us!

Chloe's Corner

Our friend chloe loves art!
With so many creative thoughts aNd ideas, why not dedicate a whole website to fill with imagination?!

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