N of 1

M. Blanc: Thank you N of 1, Jennifer Cronk! You also are an N of 1, as you bravely forged ahead without a body of evidence to guide you! Kate Shapiro Flaxman paid tribute to you yesterday when she was quoted on the podcast, Talking with Tech, that adding favorite

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AAC Stage 1

Trying to stay true to our GLPs as we partner with them at Stage 1. Undaunted by not knowing which gestalt to make available for the next day, this client’s mom and SLP knew they wanted to give this Stage 1 communicator the gestalt-that-matched the experience — once they knew what that experience was! Not able to provide the right soundtrack on-the-fly (because they had to program the device the night before), they decided to put in three gestalts, one for each of the possible experiences! Listen to Nellie’s reasoning; can’t argue with that!!