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speech and language Services

Our enthusiastic team of speech-language pathologists and speech-language pathology aides provides the full range of speech, language, and communication services for children of any age. We can "grow" with your child as he or she develops speech skills, language skills, and access to both. Our play-based approach is fully supported by a myriad of equipment, materials, and toys. This means that a child's interests and best regulating activities become the foundation of a program that is tailored just for your child.

social communication services

Our speech and language services are based on the premise that reciprocal interaction is the foundation of reciprocal communication — and the foundation of self-expression. Speech and language development is natural, and comes about when children feel safe, supported, and part of a caring dyad. Knowing that communication is a partnership means that social communication is built into what we do. We are highly-experienced in traditional speech and language service delivery, and able to provide that service in an atmosphere that is play-based, fun, physically-active, and built on partnership.

Our kids are teamed with adults who are well-matched for social interaction and communication. Goals are addressed in the clinic, but also in the home and community as appropriate, and peer communication can be gradually supported as a child gets older.


All of our services are based on positive, fun, social interaction. We carefully match up kids and CDC play partners, so kids are happy to interact, enthusiastic about communicating, and able to develop speech and language naturally. Our approach is grounded in both the best practices of our profession, and those of sensory integration. In addition, we are well-versed in the work of Barry Prizant and Amy Wetherby, who outlined the language acquisition process for kids on the spectrum, and others who are "gestalt language processors" as they begin their language development journey.

Our director, Marge Blanc, has compiled more than a decade of longitudinal language development data and her articles on echolalia and its place in language development have appeared in the Autism Asperger's Digest. Her expanded work makes up CDC's upcoming book, Natural Language Acquisition on the Autism Spectrum: The Journey from Echolalia to Self-Generated Language, which will be available in September 2012.

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Address: 700 Rayovac Dr. Suite 200, Madison, WI 53711


We are located on Madison’s west side.

On Beltline (Hwy. 12/14) heading East: take the Whitney Way exit; take a Left on Whitney Way, a Right onto Schroeder Rd., and a Right onto Rayovac Dr, Look for the 55 Oaks Building.

On Beltline (Hwy. 12/14) heading West: take the Gammon Rd. exit; take a Right on Gammon Rd. and a Left onto Watts Rd., Watts Rd becomes Rayovac Dr. Look for the 55 Oaks Building.

We are on the second floor in Suite 200 (take a right after leaving the elevator).